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  • Dave Casey is a technologist and early adopter with a special interest in electronic musical instruments. He created his first instrument in 1979 using a step sequencer obtained from Radio Shack. Most recently, he collaborated with Imogen Heap on The Gloves Project, to create a programmable glove that plays music triggered by a range of gestures. Other interests have included 3-D printing, stereo photography, and DIY bio. Dave has been instrumental in the growth of Orlando's thriving hackerspace, FAMILAB. He also co-founded Orlando Maker Faire and co-organizes TEDxOrlando.

  • Jenny Zoe Casey has exhibited her award-winning paintings and prints at artist-run spaces, regional museums, colleges and universities nationwide. She is a self-taught coder with certification in SQL, a database programming language; expertise in javascript; and 20 years experience in both back-end and front-end web development. She was a founding member of Seattle WebGrrls in 1995, and co-founded TEDxOrlando in 2010; since 2010, she has served as Executive Director of TEDxOrlando.